Southeast Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Southeast Environmental Solutions, Inc. (SES) established January, 1995, furnishes a wide range of ecological/biological services to commercial businesses, the mining industry, and both public and private property owners. Services provided are based on knowledge of current environmental regulations administered by Federal, State, Regional, and County agencies, property transaction requirements, ecological development practices, and local biological communities. The mutual respect between SES and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Water Management Districts throughout the State of Florida, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and County agencies forms the basis for successful project permitting and resolution of compliance issues. SES also has projects in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, North and South Carolina.  SES assists clients in compliance with environmental regulations and permit requirements and in communications with the regulatory agencies in either the primary contact role or in a resource role.  The client's best interests guide SES in controlling costs, schedules, and recommendations on land use, permitting strategies, and contacts with regulatory staff. 

The key personnel at SES have over 100 years of combined experience in the following:

  • analysis and assessment of biological and ecological resources;
  • endangered and threatened species inventories, permitting and relocation;
  • wetland jurisdictional delineations;
  • surveys of flora and fauna;
  • waters of the U.S. and waters of the State determinations and mapping;
  • current land use mapping;
  • phase I environmental site assessments (audits) according to ASTM Standards;
  • direction of or participation in environmental baseline surveys;
  • wetland restoration;
  • wetland creation designs;
  • wetland creation, maintenance and monitoring;
  • fisheries studies, research and management;
  • environmental issues associated with eminent domain cases;
  • GIS mapping;  
  • expert testimony;
  • stormwater management and inspection.

SES is currently recognized as a Small Business Enterprise with the City of Tampa, South Florida Water Management District, Hillsborough County Public Schools and Tampa Port Authority. SES is also a contractor listed with ISNetworld, and a member of the Better Business Bureau.

SES Personnel

R. Fred Crabill - President/Senior Ecologist/Environmental Assessor.  Fred holds a B.S. in Environmental Biology from Florida State University, 1973. Fred has over 39 years of experience in ecological assessments, environmental permitting, Threatened and Endangered Species surveys, permitting and relocations, and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.

Phil Chapman - Senior Ecologist/Fishery Biologist. Phil has over 42 years of overall experience including a leadership role with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and his current responsibilities at SES which include wetland monitoring, plant and habitat identification, establishing jurisdictional wetland limits, endangered species surveys, permitting and wildlife relocation projects, fish studies and field data collecting and reporting.

Catherine D. Litscher - Environmental Scientist III.  Catherine holds a B.S. in Environmental Sciences from the University of West Alabama, 1997.  She has been with SES for 6 years as an Environmental Scientist and has 16 years experience in all aspects of environmental resource permitting, plant and habitat identification, establishing jurisdictional wetland limits, endangered species surveys, permitting and wildlife relocation projects.

Christopher E. Bradshaw - Staff Ecologist/GIS Technician.  Chris is currently completing his B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy at the University of South Florida graduating Spring 2013. Chris has over 9 years of experience in mitigation wetland monitoring, environmental assessments, establishing jurisdictional wetland limits, plant and habitat identification, endangered species surveys, permitting and relocations. Chris is knowledgeable in all aspects of GIS. 

Jan M. Crabill – Vice President of Finance and Accounting & Office Manager.  Jan has been employed for 14 years at Southeast Environmental Solutions with over 26 years of accounting experience.

SES Client List

SES completes work for a diverse group of clients including this partial listing:

  • American Compliance Technologies, Inc. (ACT) 
  • APAC - Southeast Central Florida
  • Beckryger Properties
  • Bell Shoals Church of Christ
  • Beneficial Communities
  • Big River Industries
  • BL Companies
  • Canco General Contractors
  • Centex Homes
  • CEMEX Construction Materials of FL, LLC
  • CF Industries
  • City of Tampa
  • Dart Container Corp.
  • Enercon Services, Inc.
  • Famous Tate Stores
  • Florida Crushed Stone Company
  • Florida Gas Transmission Co., LLC
  • Frasier Construction
  • Herve Cody Contractors
  • Hess Corporation
  • Hillsborough County
  • Holland & Knight, LLP
  • Landmark Engineering
  • Limestone Products, Inc.
  • Lowe’s Corporation
  • Lowry Park Zoo
  • Metro Development Group, LLC
  • Mims Group, LLC
  • Mosaic Fertilizer LLC
  • North Florida Limerock
  • Mims Group, LLC
  • Mosaic Fertilizer LLC
  • North Florida Limerock
  • OldCastle Southern Group
  • Peterson, Myers
  • Platinum Bank
  • Premier Beverage
  • Prestige Cement
  • Reliable Peat Company
  • Shimberg Homes
  • Shoot Straight
  • SPCA of Lakeland
  • Standard Sand & Silica Company
  • Stitzel Engineering & Construction Inc.
  • Streetside Developers, LLC
  • SurvTech Solutions
  • TARMAC America, Inc.
  • The Colinas Group, Inc.
  • U.S. Agri-Chemicals Company
  • USA Speedway
  • WRS Infrastructure
  • Waste Management Corporation
  • Waterford Land Group
  • V.E. Whitehurst & Sons
  • Wieland Davco Corp.
  • Winter Haven Canal Commission